Jenni Thompson - Account Director

Karen helped me to prioritise what matters most and, through a process of establishing my core values, she enabled me to start making decisions that benefit my future goals and wellbeing instead of other people's. It was brilliant to work with Karen, so good that I am a repeat customer. I would wholeheartedly recommend her. In fact, I have been telling anyone who will listen about the benefits of coaching and encouraging others to book some time in too!

Cleo Hector - Brand Manager

I sought Coaching when I felt my life was spiralling out of control. Karen helped me to think clearly about what I wanted and prevented me from being overwhelmed by the magnitude of the task at hand. She is a warm, kind woman who is compassionate and also a calming presence. She made me realise that I could change my life and there was no need to panic. Coaching was the beginning of me getting my life back together! 

Kelly Truscott - Dance Movement Psychotherapist

I wholeheartedly recommend coaching with Karen. The sessions were the turning point where I decided to change many aspects of my life, in particular my career. I trained to become a Dance Movement Psychotherapist and set-up my own business. I found Karen to not only be insightful and committed to my journey but also compassionate about my struggles. She offered a caring and supportive space for me to explore but she also believed in my potential which was invaluable.

Dani Moseley - Actress

I was going through a really bad business relationship that took over me mentally & emotionally, affecting who I was & therefore affecting my business. I had some sessions with Karen & it really helped to put things into perspective & get my mental state back on the right track. Karen is patient & caring. She really allowed me to open up & to get to the crux of the problem, without feeling ashamed or embarrassed which I had felt for many years. I would highly recommend her services!

Lucy Hawthorne - Campaigns Manager

Karen was a patient Coach, she allowed me space to consider questions asked and enabled me to reach my own conclusions. She sounded ideas back to me, so that I could hear my own doubts in what I was saying. This enabled me to trust my instincts and to make a decision. When I was stuck on the right thing to do she helped me to imagine ahead and look back on myself based on each course of action. This helped me to understand my feelings about my goal and to take action. I would certainly recommend Karen as a Coach. 

Davy Limliman - Entrepreneur

Sessions with Karen helped me decide on my goal and realise what I needed to do and when. I had so much going on in my head at the time, lots of ideas but wasn't getting things done. Following our coaching sessions I felt motivated to take those steps necessary to achieve my goal. I broadened my portfolio of skills and trained to be a BareConcept teacher, I now teach 12 fitness classes a week.

She made me feel empowered and helped me to realise that I can achieve anything I set my mind to!

Laura Pike - Freelance Consultant and Trainer

Karen has been a great support to me over the past 6 months as I’ve established my freelance career and I would highly recommend her as a Coach.  Her positive energy and approach were just what I needed and she provided the perfect balance of challenge and support to encourage me to move things forward.  I wouldn’t be where I am without her input and will continue to access her coaching as my business develops. 

Danielle Harding - Nurse

Coming to my half century, I felt uncertain where my future was heading, in my personal and professional life. I kept questioning myself as to what, when, how and equally as important 'why'. Having the opportunity to have some coaching sessions from Karen gave such clarity to my direction in life. It was a little daunting at first to put myself under scrutiny, but with Karen's warmth, kindness and focus together she gave me the ability to clarify my direction for the next half century. I have some very clear timelines for aims and achievements and this has given me a real feeling of contentment and direction that had been lacking over the last few years. My career is the most interesting, fun and balanced it has been in years. I would highly recommend Karen as a coach to anyone who needs some coaching in life, personally or professionally.

Minda Burgos-Lukes - Social Justice Consultant

After working for an organisation for over 14 years, I took a much-needed break. My planned three months off quickly turned into seven. I began applying for roles I didn’t really want, which left me deflated and demotivated. I had ideas and needed help to get things moving. Having known Karen for many years, as a colleague and friend, I was initially apprehensive about seeking coaching from her. In practice, Karen’s pre-existing knowledge of me and my work history enhanced the coaching relationship and I felt able to be totally honest about my ambitions and fears. Sessions with Karen provided the space and discipline I needed to clarify what motivates me and how I could make a living out of it. Within a few months, I set up as a freelancer working with small social justice organisations to create positive and lasting change. I love the work I do and Karen helped me to make this ambition a reality. 

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